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Our hearing tests are for more than just determining if you need a hearing aid. Proper hearing evaluations can only be performed by a licensed audiologist. Each test provides insight into the type and degree of hearing loss you have experienced. It is one of the most important components of a hearing aid fitting, as it helps us determine which type of hearing aid will best suit your needs and health.

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Family Hearing Practice is based in Flower Mound, TX, and welcomes patients from across the greater Dallas/Fort Worth area. As a full-service audiological office, our doctor and team provide complete hearing evaluations, hearing aid fittings, custom earplug fittings, and more. Our practice is centered around helping patients enhance their hearing capabilities and improve their quality of life.

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Hearing Tests for Adults

Are you experiencing difficulty hearing? Do you feel fullness in your ears, ringing, or dizziness? If you are, it may be time to visit our practice for a hearing test. This evaluation is used to determine if there is any hearing loss and to identify if it is medically treatable or if it needs to be treated with hearing aids.

During your hearing evaluation we perform the following tests:



This test is used to determine the function of the eardrum. We use a small probe which is placed in the ear, so you will likely feel a little pressure in the ear during the test. This is used to rule out any fluid behind the eardrum and will reveal if there is a hole in the eardrum.

Speech Recognition Threshold

During this exam, you will be asked to repeat some two-syllable words as they decrease in volume. The goal of this test is to find the softest sound at which you can understand speech. Don’t become frustrated — it’s okay to guess!


Pure-Tone Testing

This test requires that you raise your hand or say “yes” when you hear the beep. This allows doctor to see the softest sounds that you can hear for a number of pitches. It also shows where the hearing loss is located and helps determine whether it may be medically treatable.

Word Recognition Score

During this test, I will have you repeat words at a comfortably loud level. The words will begin with a carrier phrase “say the word.” This test reveals whether you can understand the words if I make them loud enough. Patients who have a high word recognition score will do well with hearing aids as the increase in volume allows them to understand speech very well.

After completing each portion of the test, we will discuss the next treatment step. For patients with a medically treatable condition, it is best to see an ear, nose, and throat physician. If no medical condition is present, we will schedule a hearing aid consultation with you. During this appointment, we will discuss your hearing aid options and help you determine which type best fits your needs.

Hearing Tests for Children

Children are typically referred to our practice for a hearing test after a failed hearing screening, delay in speech, or possible ear infections. By conducting a hearing test, we can rule out any permanent hearing loss and determine if medical treatment is necessary or if your child would benefit from hearing aids.

During your child’s hearing evaluation we use the following tests:



Using a small probe placed in the ear, this test determines the functionality of the eardrum. While your child may feel a little pressure in their ear during the test, it does not hurt. We use this test to reveal if there is a hole in the eardrum or if there is any fluid behind the eardrum. It is also used to gauge the function of a tube if present.

Otoacoustic Emissions (OAE)

This type of test is used for children age two years or younger who have difficulty providing reliable results in the sound booth. It is commonly used for newborn hearing screenings. It is conducted by placing a probe in the child’s ear. This probe emits a clicking sound into the ear. When the ear is functioning normally, it will receive the sound and emit an echo back out. The test measures that echo to see if your child is hearing within normal limits. A failing result may indicate a medical issue such as an ear infection or permanent hearing loss.

Sound Booth Testing

This test is similar to the hearing test performed on adults, but it has a few modifications to capture the child’s attention.

Visual Reinforcement Audiometry

This test is performed for children under the age of three. During this test, a sound is presented and a toy lights up for the child to see. Once the child associates seeing the toy with hearing the sound, the test begins. Each time the tone is presented, the child will look for the toy to light up. The toy only lights up if the child looks at it. This is considered a response. The purpose of this test if the determine the softest sound a child can detect.

Conditioning Play Audiometry

This type of test is performed for children age three and up. During the test, we ask your child to listen to a block, and when they hear the tone, they are to throw the block into a bucket. This test is also used to determine the softest sound they can hear.
family hearing practice; flower mound, tx

For children over the age of six, we can typically complete an adult hearing test. After analyzing the results, we will provide you with counsel on the best course of treatment for your child. In some cases, a medical condition exists and it best to see an ear, nose, and throat doctor. For children who have hearing loss, we may refer you for further testing to confirm the hearing loss prior to scheduling a hearing aid consultation.

You deserve to hear the world around you! To schedule your hearing test or a hearing evaluation for your child, please contact Family Hearing Practice today at 817-997-4084. We are here for you and your family.

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